Abydoise, with its marine theme, opened in July 2015 in the Champeret area. Chef Patrick Marteau and his wife have chosen the 17th arrondissement to start their dream. It’s a family business. The waiter, who is also part of the family, greeted us pleasantly and very professionally. The atmosphere overall is very friendly.

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Completely renovated, the restaurant is neat and well decorated. The different blue tones on the walls give the impression you are near the Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. The décor is very simple with a few drawings of fish hanging on the walls. The tables are separated from each other, giving an air of intimacy. This is especially valuable for business lunches or dinners.

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The menu is varied and quite elaborate. The beet carpaccio served with a poached egg and crayfish tails was my choice as an appetizer. The dish, served cold, was colorful and very tasty.

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Abydoise crisps with the half-baked tuna fish was excellent as well. The tuna was very soft and tender.

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I ordered the turbot steak with vegetables for the main course; the fish was very juicy and tender. My friend chose the roasted cod which came with Jerusalem artichokes mousseline and a hazelnut coulis.. The sauce was very refined and flavorful. The hazelnuts added a unique taste. We can definitely relish the high quality of the ingredients the chef uses.

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And then Abydoise’s “all chocolate” dessert to finish the lunch in beauty! The concept is to prepare the chocolate in various ways and to present them all on one dish.

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Chef Marteau came to our table and was kind enough to pose for the picture. He even changed into a clean white chef’s coat to appear perfect next to me!

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Average price is 45€ for a 3-course meal but with The Fork you can have up to 20% off.

Abydoise is a new, and without any doubt, promising restaurant!

The beautiful images are provided by Caliwa Photography.

3, Villa Berthier, 75017 Paris
📞01 47 54 07 23