Amazing 66 is the first Chinese restaurant I went to in Chinatown ten years ago. Since then it has become our family Chinese restaurant.

We were living in Michigan and we came to NYC to meet my mother who was arriving from Belgium. I remember we spent the whole day walking in Manhattan. At dusk, we took the subway to Brooklyn Heights and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge toward Manhattan at sunset. Manhattan was illuminated by all the high-rises. It’s a breathtaking view on the city that never sleeps.


Walking on Centre Street, we started looking for a restaurant because we were very hungry, as by that time it was about 8pm. When we arrived in Chinatown we came across Amazing 66. I don’t remember why and how we chose this restaurant among all the others. Perhaps because it was crowded with Chinese people, always a good sign for me, as it means it’s an authentic Chinese restaurant; in addition, they had an available table for a party of six!

The décor is very basic. The traditional Buddha is of course at the window display along with a rooster and some plants. I like how they kept the inside very “undecorated” instead of loading the walls with kitschy knickknacks.


The staff speaks very little English or none at all. I don’t really mind because it really gives you the feeling that you are in China… New York! They are not very friendly but not rude either. For some reason it doesn’t really matter.


The menu is extensive and has a lot of options. The dumplings were quite good. They have a lot of dishes with all kinds of meats and vegetables.


I highly recommend the Peking duck. The waiter brings the whole duck to the table and after showing us the beast he carves it in front of us. The duck comes with flat hot buns, hoisin sauce and raw scallions and cucumbers. You spread the sauce on the buns; you add the duck and the raw vegetables and eat it with your hands, it’s really delicious. I love it! If you are dexterous with chopsticks, you can use them and eat in true Chinese fashion.


At Amazing 66, the portions are quite big and the price is very reasonable. The wine list is not very sophisticated, to say the least, so it’s much better to buy your own bottle from your favorite wine store and pay the cork fee: $5 only. A bargain!

66 Mott St, New York, NY 10013, United States
📞 +1 212-334-0099