Lunch at Bacco in the 15th arrondissement was an enjoyable experience. Well the day didn’t start so well!

It was a miserable day! It rained the whole time and it was very cold and gloomy. Typical autumn weather in Paris. Leaving my comfortable and warm apartment was a big dilemma. So here I am with my winter jacket, my boots, and my umbrella walking in the streets of Paris wishing I was in Florida. My friend was leaving the day after and I promised her a lunch before her departure.


When I arrived at the door of the 13 rue Mademoiselle, however, a very smiley and charming lady welcomed me. She opened the door and greeted me with a mix of French and Italian, which definitely added to the charm. The cuisine is also a fusion of French and Italian savors.


The place is small and very well decorated. The tables are made of metal, the chairs are made of wood, and there is hardwood floor all over the place. The walls are a combination of white painted bricks and concrete effect with wine bottles for decoration. I thought it was a very cozy place. The server was really nice, polite, and very professional.


On the menu there are 4 dishes to choose from each category, whether it is for appetizer, entrée, or dessert. They also have a “plat du jour”, the daily specials.


My friend Lynne and I shared the sea bass carpaccio with cepe, walnut oil, and chervil root for the appetizer. It came with a fabulous presentation and was excellent! The fish was melting in the mouth and the vegetables were very fresh and crunchy. The combination was very powerful. The calamari with its artichoke and the foie gras served with butternut purée were very appealing as well.


For the entrée, Lynne ordered the Tuna with sesame and wasabi on a bed of honey and raspberry vinegar. The crispy Mille-feuille of parmegiano and Caponatina lifted the overall flavor. A reinvented ratatouille was the bottom of the 3 medallions.


I ordered the “quasi de veau”, (the veal fillet) which is the best part of the animal. Cooked to perfection, it was wrapped with a very thin hazelnut crust with Jerusalem artichoke purée and served with crusty cubes of risotto and girolle mushrooms. It was really tasty. You could feel the passion of the Chef and his desire to use the products of the season from both countries; France and Italy.


They have a nice variety of Italian wine; we opted for the Villa Antinori. You can’t obviously go wrong with a wine from the region of Toscana.


For dessert, we didn’t dare to order one each, pretending we were concerned about the calories. So we shared “Les 2 feuilles”; 2 layers of crispy biscuit with fig cream and persimmon tartar. Delicioso, I can tell you! It was a big portion, enough for both of us. The combination of the 2 fruits were very surprising and delightful.
I wanted to try the Baba limoncello with yuzu sherbet first but unfortunately they were out of it. I guess I’ll have to go back to try more of their creations.


Lunch at Bacco was flawless; dishes were beautiful and colorful. An address to keep in mind, suitable for family, friends, or couples.

The average price for the 3 courses is 55€ but with The Fork (la fourchette) you can have very good deals; up to 40% discount.  The quality of food and the portion of the dishes justify very easily the check.

13 Rue Mademoiselle, 75015 Paris
📞01 42 50 35 29