On a recent trip to Paris, my friends and I went to the newly opened and very buzz-y Balagan, located at rue d’Alger, by the hotel Renaissance, in the 1st arrondissement.
This is not your typical Parisian establishment, and we loved it all the more as a result! Its excellent service and inventive cuisine does not take itself too seriously, and that’s exactly what Paris needed!

The Israeli-inspired cooking is generous and flavorful, rich with the culinary heritage from the Middle East, with some unexpected twists, like their take on traditional French steak tartar. The show is most definitely in the kitchen, where head chef Dan Yosha orchestrates an incredibly efficient team capable of preparing over 500 plates on a busy night without a sweat! The chefs are as handsome (beards and tattoos included!) as they are talented. The service en salle is friendly and relaxed. 

The staff will help you navigate a wine list that takes you to Israel and Croatia and everywhere in between.

Balagan is a ‘joyful bazar’ indeed, and it is here to stay! Get together with friends and be ready to share your dishes; you are going to want to try everything on the menu, you won’t be able to resist!

Below are pictures of some of the dishes we tried and some we will try on our next visit!

La complète

Deconstructed Kebab

Balagan Polenta

Chicken Liver Ashkenazi style

Lamb T-bone and Seabream Black Pasta

Beef Onglet

Ptitim Risotto

At Balagan, the ambiance is festive, the food is delicious, you’re in for a very very fun night! Reservations are a must. If your party is small, ask to sit at the bar by the kitchen: these are the best seats in the house!

By Valerie Steinlauf.

9 Rue d’Alger, 75001 Paris
📞+33 01 40 20 72 14