Hi everyone, it’s been a while! I’m so sorry if I’ve neglected you, but the end of the summer has been very busy! After spending four years in Paris, we have decided to try our luck in NY! This is an experience I’ve been wanting for years! Between packing and moving, taking care of the new house, the new school for my daughter, and getting used to the new environment, I didn’t have much time to talk about my culinary experiences.

Although I’m in NY now, I still have many addresses in Paris and Tokyo I would like to share with you. (And don’t worry, New York City is next!)

bakery-13© Caliwa Photography

The bakery Les Saveurs de Wagram is very dear to me. It has been part of our daily life in Paris for four years!

bakery-22© Caliwa Photography

Les Saveurs de Wagram, part of the Patisserie Julien, is where you will find the best baguettes and the most delicious croissants in Paris! Located on Avenue de Wagram, this is my little bakery where almost every day I bought a “tradition” – a kind of baguette made with a specific flour – and croissants, every weekend for breakfast. This place is probably the reason I gained weight living in Paris!

bakery-16© Caliwa Photography

When you come to France for the first time, you think all the bakeries and pastry shops are excellent. With time, you start to be more discerning and rate them more selectively.

bakery-20© Caliwa Photography

Unfortunately, more and more bakeries in France are using industrial products. They buy pre-made baguettes, breads, croissants which are frozen, and then subsequently bake them during the day, making you think the products are made in house.

I can assure you that Monsieur Yacine Moudjari, the manager and baker of Les Saveurs de Wagram, makes his breads and pastries from scratch! I witnessed his work for you, as did my photographer Chantal!

bakery-11Yacine Moudjari © Caliwa Photography

Yacine wakes up very early in the morning to start preparing the different doughs. Each bread or pastry has its own dough. As his bakery is small, he prepares each of them one after another to be ready for the day.


1,800 baguettes are made everyday, 100 croissants au beurre every weekday, and 500 croissants au beurre every day of the weekend.
The dough is prepared the day before and the baguettes are shaped in the morning and baked by batches in the oven all day long. That way you have fresh, crusty, and very often warm bread at all times of the day. As the breads are freshly baked, they stay crunchy outside and spongy inside the whole day.

bakery-9© Caliwa Photography

Les croissants au beurre are by far among the best in Paris! Les Saveurs de Wagram proves that it’s not always necessary to go where the prices are the highest or the brand is famous to get the best product. Les Saveurs de Wagram won the prize for best croissant au beurre in Paris and Ile de France, Paris’ surrounding area, by a contest organized by the Chamber of Trade (chambre des métiers) that includes all the artisans of Paris and Ile de France.

bakery-27© Caliwa Photography

When you bite into one of their croissants, it’s crunchy, crispy, soft, buttery, and so tasty! Once you start it’s very hard to stop!

bakery-14© Caliwa Photography

In 2016, Les Saveurs de Wagram also placed 13th on the list of best Galettes des Rois, which is a popular French cake that celebrates the holiday of Epiphany* (January 6th).

Les Saveurs de Wagram is definitely worth a detour to try their products! If you go there tell them you read my blog, they will be very happy! I will dearly miss their baguettes and croissants but I look forward to going back to Paris to savor them again!

bakery-26With Yacine © Caliwa Photography

The beautiful cheese images are provided by Caliwa Photography.

 * if you want to know more about the Epiphany read my blog a crown for the winner !

Les Saveurs de Wagram
169 Av de Wagram
75017 Paris
📞 01 40 53 07 33