“Creamiest, juiciest, delicious-iest homemade Mozzarella,” this is how Lucas Peterson from Eater describes Casa della Mozzarella’s mozzarella! Spot on my friend!

Orazio Carciotto, the owner, came to the US from Sicily in 1986 to pursue a romantic interest. It didn’t turn out as well as he was hoping for at that time, but he did eventually find love, got married… and lived happily ever after on 604 E 187th St, in the Bronx!

If you haven’t been to Casa della Mozzarella yet, I urge you to visit this heaven for Italian goods! While you are in the store, have a peek at the back where you can see behind the window, Orazio and his son Carlo, prepare the freshest mozzarella ever! With their bare hands they prepare 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg) of fresh mozzarella every week! Orazio will explain that you can’t prepare mozzarella with gloves because it’s all about feeling. And he might even add: “making mozzarella with gloves, is no mozzarella man”! Well said Orazio!

Casa della Mozzarella could have as well been called Casa della so many Delicious Italian Cibo (food). There is an outstanding choice of Italian cold meats, cheeses, dry pasta, and antipasti. The store is small but every inch is exploited, including the ceiling, where there is a large selection of salami hanging. The space left for people to be served and people leaving with their bags full of yummies is quite narrow. It’s a true challenge to avoid a nudge.

The wide range of antipasti is incredible: fat green Cerignola olives, eggplant in oil and vinegar, seasoned artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, little sweet peppers stuffed with cheese, Gorgonzola in olives, white anchovies, and dry tomatoes are a few examples.

I drive all the way to Bronx just to be able to savor all these delicatessen at Casa della Mozarella. The vendors are very pleasant and my favorite one is for sure Alejandro, a young Italian man who arrived from his town to discover the US. He always gives me a slice of mortadella or di Parma ham to try, especially when I’m with my daughter.  The best part is at the end when I can taste the bocconcini on the spot. He takes them out of their tepid water and hands them over on a small cardboard box; they are succulent and literally melt in the mouth. Mama mia, è così delizioso!

Casa della Mozzarella
604 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458