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Carrot Soup With Apples, Oranges, And Fresh Ginger

Cooking a la Dina By December 5, 2017 No Comments

I grew up hearing that carrots are good for your eyes. It is true that carrots have a lot of health benefits. Several experiments have shown that beta-carotene and antioxidants, both present in carrots, have either prevented or cured diseases. The benefits to eyesight are less obvious. Unless a person has an existing severe Vitamin A deficiency, eating carrots will not likely have a positive impact on vision. Sorry to dash your hopes, carrot eaters!


Zucchini Prosciutto Tart

Cooking a la Dina By August 18, 2017 No Comments

It’s zucchini season! Of course, we can buy them all year long, but the zucchini season starts in May and lasts until October, at least on the north side of the hemisphere.
The zucchini lovers will enjoy this recipe. It’s super easy to make, but to fully succeed, it’s very important to let the zucchinis rest long enough to release their water. Otherwise, the dough will be soaked and you’ll have a soggy tart.

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