This little restaurant is a very charming spot to enjoy a brunch with family on Sundays. I have also been there for dinner and I know lunch is available as well. A few blocks from Columbia University, Flat Top is always busy with young and less young people.

The staff is very friendly and the place is very well decorated with a rustic/nature flavor. Water is served in cute little mason jars with handles. On the back wall an iron bridge is painted on the bricks. Behind the bar, there are food cupboards on the wall made from chicken coops.


Last time we went there we were a group of ten and we were seated on the high wooden table with stools – just like in a farmhouse. We had a reservation for brunch but they made a little mistake, which was to forget our reservation. We had to wait a little bit outside but to make it up to us they offered each one of us a glass of mimosa. It’s just a little touch that makes you happy. The service is very pleasant, the staff forgets a few things here and there but when you remind them, they always respond with a smile.


I loved that even though the place was packed, the restaurant’s noise level wasn’t high so we could hear each other without having to strain.
Flat Top serves organic foods and beverages: organic milk, organic tea, organic fruits….

They have these mini cinnamon buns; I can tell you they don’t stay long on the plate when they arrive at the table.

The eggs Benedict with salmon or ham on a layer of homemade Focaccia (Italian Bread) and spinach are very good. Don’t hesitate to order more sauce if you want, they will bring some on the side.


I once tried the blueberry buttermilk ricotta pancakes with lemon curd; they were absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection – very tasty!


When I visit my boys in New York, I often invite their friends for a brunch. Their brunch is more like lunch, usually around 1pm. They are very hungry and they don’t hesitate to eat more substantial meals.

Bangers & Mash – Pork sausage and broccoli rabe (rapini) served with potato leek mash, gravy, and mustard. It actually looked quite good. Maybe next time I’ll try this one!


The bowl of organic oatmeal with sour cherries served with coconut, almonds, steamed cream, and brown sugar was very well presented and it was very filling.


Sausage homemade buttermilk biscuit & gravy came with two sunny-side-up eggs and scallions. With a brunch like that you are full for the whole day, at least in my case.


Their burgers are very tempting and all ingredients are fresh.


Flat Top is a charming place in Morningside Heights, the brunch is very good and tasty, all at a reasonable price.

Flat Top
1241 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027, USA
📞 646-820-7735