Eatsa is a fast-food chain that serves fresh vegetarian salads and quinoa bowls. What’s the difference between Eatsa and another chain that serves salads? Well, Eatsa seems to come straight from The Jetsons – remember them?

At Eatsa, everything is automated! From the moment you slide your credit card to the moment you receive your order there is no interaction whatsoever with a human being, although the bowls are prepared by real people behind the scenes.

The futurist fast-food chain is founded by software and brand experts Scott Drummond and Tim Young, with ex-Google and ex-Climate exec, David Friedberg. They are based in San Francisco and opened their first store in NYC only three weeks ago. Another one is expected soon on the lower side of Manhattan on 3rd avenue.

The use of high-tech is not only to produce quickly but also for Dave Friedman to offer a healthy and environmentally conscious food to an affordable price.

When I entered the store, I was very surprised by the cleanliness of the place. I didn’t see any crumbs left on the floor or tables. There are displays with Ipads incorporated on the right, a few tables and chairs on the left, a big LCD screen with animations is placed above at the entrance and in the back several little cubbies with transparent animated LCD screens as lids and a big animated screen on the top.

The first thing I had to do after being briefed by a charming lady is to go to one of the displays and slide my credit card. The process then began and I landed on the menu page. There are several choices of suggested salads or quinoa bowls for $6.95. There is also the option to make our own salad. Everything is very well organized and explained on the Ipad. I ordered the cantina kale salad and a custom salad greens the first time. Two days later I went back and ordered the Bento bowl.

Once I finished my order and paid, I moved toward the cubbies. After 90 seconds, watch in hand, my salads arrived in one of the boxes. My name was displayed on the lid; I taped twice on the corner of the screen as instructed and tada… lunch is served!

The salads were very well presented; each vegetable had its place in the bowl and a transparent lid with my name and the order printed on a banner covered the bowl. This is very impressive I must say!

In a corner, I helped my self with napkins, cutleries and a paper bag for the take out. I was ready to go!

It’s possible to consume on site but I wanted to share my experience at home with my family. Once home, I poured the sauce on the vegetables and I shook the salads as instructed on the LCD screen. The vegetables were very fresh and crunchy, the sauce very tasty, and everything looked very healthy. It was really delicious!

I downloaded their App on my Iphone in case I want to order in advance in the future. I just have to give my arriving time and everything will be ready for me when I arrive. Fantastic and a bit scary, don’t you think?

At Eatsa, no more “good morning”, “please”, or “Goodbye”; Robots don’t talk!
There is still a human being in the store to keep the place immaculate and to answer to your questions if you need any help. So a minimum of manners is required!

285 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10017
📞+1 415-930-4006