Fresh lettuce and tomatoes, high quality of meat, tasty cheeses, and a fancy and attractive burger is what you can expect at L’Artisan du Burger!

The setting is very welcoming; the stools are made of natural wood, the walls of bare stone, and the coat stand represents a tree trunk: it looks almost like a chalet in the mountain, giving a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

The majority of people come here for take-out, but the place is very pleasant and makes you want to stay and eat.

L’Artisan du Burger is 100% French! The beef is from Charolais cattle, the French fries are from the Picardy, and the bread is made by the winners of the Best Baker of Hauts-de-Seine: Eric Delagarde and Pierre-André Segura. The menu offers different kinds of toppings, cheeses, and buns. The set menu for €16 includes a burger, either salad or French fries, and a drink; €19 if you add the dessert, and €9 for kids menu.

There are two choices of bun, a multi-grain bun and black bun made with cuttlefish (squid) ink and black cumin seeds. The latter sounds weird but the taste is not at all strong: it gives a light salty flavor to the burger. The French fries are real, thick, hand-cut potatoes, very crispy, and very appetizing.

The salad is presented in a little transparent jar with a lid. Super cute and extremely fresh.

For beverages they offer the usual: water, soft drinks, lemonade, beer, and of course wine! Only in France!

The wine list is not very elaborate, but at least you have a very decent quality of a red or rosé wine: €4.50 by the glass and €19 for the bottle.

L’Artisan du Burger surely beats the quality of most fast food burgers but is not as fast. Allow yourself 10-15 min between the moment you order your burger to the moment you are served. The quality is worth the waiting!

Bon appétit!

L’Artisan du Burger
42 Rue Poncelet, 75017 Paris, France
📞+33 01 45 74 12 37