19 Euros for a 3 course meal is really not much, but for an excellent 3 course meal with a pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful presentation, it’s an amazing bargain!

6 Paul Bert is in a very popular, young, and dynamic area of Paris. The 11th arrondissement is a varied and engaging area. In recent years this district has emerged as one of the trendiest regions of Paris. It’s very close to the Republique station and the canal St. Martin. On sunny days, you can see many young people eating and drinking all along the canal.

The restaurant is at the corner of rue Paul Bert and Impasse Charles Petit. It’s the kind of bistro that is very narrow, with a bar on the left, tables along the window, and an open kitchen at the end. Although it’s a narrow kitchen, the chef and the cooks are up to the challenge. They were sharing the place with ease and each one knew what to do. If you had any doubts about the quality of the food, they clear up at the sight of the Chef. I didn’t know him, but the moment I saw a Japanese Chef standing behind the countertop, I immediately put my expectations quite high and was not disappointed at all.

The décor is simple but very cozy: hardwood floors and bistro chairs. A few elements brought a touch of originality, like the chandelier made of silverware on top of the tables . The big clock on top of the open kitchen looks like a station clock and the bar is made in an old art deco style with bottles on top as lights.

On the lunch menu there are 3 dishes to choose from each category (appetizer, entrée, and dessert). I had the mackerel with sorrel, spinach, and pear – so delicious, and all the ingredients went so well together. The pear brought a touch of sweetness to the green vegetables. The oeuf 36º with tarragon, cabbage, and turnip was a feast in the mouth. The onion was caramelized and brought a divine taste to the dish.

La Joue de cochon or Pork cheek was very tender and melted in the mouth. The beet and the horseradish had a very elegant and sophisticated flavor. The squid tempura came with curry yogurt. The combination worked perfectly.


Under its classic appearance, dessert was surprising. The chocolate brownie came with milk ice cream with salt and the shortbread dough was presented with custard and lemon and grapefruit sherbets.

A reservation is highly recommended. The place gets very busy by 1pm as many wholesale commerce and businesses are around. You know how Parisians love their lunchtime and spend an hour or two enjoying and savoring their meal and sipping their cup of coffee at the end. Don’t rush a Parisian during this sacred moment, or he gets very angry!

Dinner is just as busy, as the area is very trendy and fashionable – full of cafés, restaurants, and a buzzing nightlife.

Le 6 Paul Bert is absolutely a place to try. You will love it without going broke!

6 rue Paul Bert
6 rue Paul Bert, 75011
📞01 43 79 14 32