Le Baron Rouge is one of my favorite wine bars in Paris. It is really unique – not sure who opened it and when, but it sure has been around for a while.


Located in the 12th arrondissement, this place is very often packed. Situated next to the Marché d’Aligre, a vibrant and bustling neighborhood market that brings many shoppers in for a post-market glass of wine, the restaurant provides a very pleasant experience, with very friendly owners and servers.


Le Baron Rouge is not very fancy, that is the least I can say – it’s very casual – basic tables and chairs, and seating is very limited. That, however, doesn’t discourage people to show up – they are all over: at the bar, standing amongst tables, even overflowing onto the sidewalk and the street. Every single space is used as a table; even trash bins!


Le Baron Rouge has an extensive choice of inexpensive wines by the glass, from €1.50 to €3.50. If you want to nibble, there are many small dishes to choose from: charcuterie, saucisson, ham, and cheese assortments for €7. Platters, a combination of different cheeses and cold cuts, cost €16.


They also have barrels of wine to the left as you enter the bar; these are not high-end wines but very decent considering the price. For a €1 deposit, the bar will lend you a bottle that can be re-used. As you can see on the picture, the prices start at €3.50 for a Merlot and go to €7.50 for a Morgon. Again, it’s not fantastic wine but it’s sufficient for an everyday meal.


Le Baron Rouge is certainly worth the trip, I encourage all of you who live in the West part of Paris to take the subway and venture to this area. I have always gone on Sundays and the ambiance is great. Don’t hesitate to spend some time at the market; you can find very good quality products for a low price.

Le Baron rouge
1 Rue Théophile Roussel
75012 Paris, France
📞 +33 01 43 43 14 32