Born in the suburb of Marseille, Jean-Louis Nomicos grew up in a multicultural Mediterranean environment where Italians, Syrians, Lebanese, and many others mingled and where the grandmas used to exchange their recipes. Jean-Louis Nomicos is proud of his heritage and he doesn’t hesitate to highlight it in his cuisine.

His famous dish and signature, Macaroni aux truffes noires et foie gras (Macaroni with black truffles and foie gras), is a very successful combination of his legacy and his creativity.

Jean-Louis Nomicos started his career working for Alain Ducasse: watching, learning, improving, listening, and travelling with him all over the world. At the age of 27 he finally became a chef at la Grande Cascade, located in Bois de Boulogne. That was a springboard for his years at the famous two Michelin-star restaurant Lasserre, in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. This is where he forged his technique before opening his own restaurant in 2010: Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos. He was rewarded with a Michelin star barely a year after the opening.

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Jean-Louis Nomicos is described by his employees as direct, frank and sincere. It’s largely reflected in his southern, convivial, and simple yet elegant cuisine. To keep up the Michelin star’s challenge, 25 people work for him, with 15 present every single day.

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Jean-Louis Nomicos is conscious that the enchantment of the client starts when he opens the door. Warm décor, perfect service, excellent food!

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There are many other dishes on the menu that reflect his childhood. I had the chance to taste the Ravioli de bourrache, crevettes, velouté saffrané et oursinade (raviolis with borage, shrimps, saffron velouté with oursinade); an exquisite dish with a colorful presentation.

 Ravioli de bourrache © Caliwa Photography

Another very refined dish I had the pleasure to try: Filet de Bar rôti, artichaut à la barigoule, petit pois, jus de coque safrané (Sea bass filet with barigoule artichoke, peas, with cockle juice and saffron). Barigoule is a traditional Provençal dish of artichokes braised with the dripping and white wine.

Sea bass filet with barigoule artichoke © Caliwa Photography

For dessert we had Granité à la chartreuse (wine) with vanilla ice cream and red berries. It sounds common but in reality it was an exquisite dish. It’s all about the balance of each ingredient.

Gratiné à la chartreuse © Caliwa Photography

Les tablettes is not his only restaurant, and Jean-Louis Nomicos is very proud to have been chosen by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) to run the Frank, his second restaurant, at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. Another concept, another challenge that he was ready to take.

With Jean-Louis Nomicos © Caliwa Photography

Les tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos also has La table du chef, The Chef’s table, where you have the privilege to eat in the kitchen, in the middle of the action, and be served by the Chef himself! It’s a VIP treatment and I’m sure if you mention my name, you will be more than welcome!

Les tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos
16 Avenue Bugeaud, 75116 Paris, France
📞+33 01 56 28 16 16