I’m in a mood to explore the Asian cuisine in Paris! My last blog was on Soon Grill, a Korean restaurant. This time it’s Japanese fusion-Hongkongese cuisine. The chef at Magokoro is half Japanese, half Hongkongese, and the service is led by a very pleasant woman from Hong Kong.

The place is not very attractive or trendy; the décor is actually very basic. Don’t judge by appearances though, you’ll be surprised! The food is really very good, and the quality of fish is excellent! The menu is mostly made up of Japanese dishes however there are a few dishes from Hong Kong, such as the rice, the bread brioche, the egg rolls, etc.

If I may suggest, avoid the egg rolls that you can eat anywhere else and focus on the dishes that made their reputation, such as the marinated mackerel in miso with fresh ginger or the raw sea bream served with kiwi. The eggplant and the verrine sound very attractive as well!

The salmon mi-cuit or the Sea bream mi-cuit – both are absolutely delicious. The fish is marinated in teriyaki sauce and melt in your mouth. The sauce is not dominating and the fish has a very refined taste.

The tuna tataki is served cold. It is cooked to perfection, leaving the middle of the fish very rare and tender. The presentation is very nice and the red rose in the middle highlights the color of the tuna. Next time I’ll try their steamed tofu and the teriyaki pork.

We were not impressed by the desserts, so we skipped it. I would have preferred a more Japanese/Hongkongese choice. That being said, the chef prepares a kind of fried brioche served as side dish. It’s a little sweet and very tasty: soft inside and crunchy on the outside. I ate it as dessert and it was delicious.

Magokoro deserves your attention! Prices are reasonable and with the 30% off that The Fork offers, it’s a really interesting deal.

33 Rue Lamartine, 75009 Paris
📞01 80 50 29 35