When you mix a famous French designer with Japanese-Korean fusion food and add some stylish cocktails, all right next to the most prestigious avenue in the world, you’re pretty much sure to end up with Miss Kō!

The strange world of Miss Kō has been created by the no less strange Philippe Starck: “…In the universe of Miss Kō, nothing is normal, not even us. It’s contagious. “

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are captivated by the colorful space, the quirky drawings on the walls, and the mysterious Miss Kō and her endless tattoos. The setting has this vibrant soul that only Philippe Starck has the magic to conjure.

It doesn’t take much time to be conquered by the atmosphere. The restaurant is divided into three different areas that flow together as one harmonious space. At the entrance on the right, near the bay window, the area looks like a small living room with comfortable couches. From there follows the never-ending bar, lit up by the little digital screens under the glass countertop and in front of it, leading finally to the jazzy dining area and its vibrating colors. The umbrellas hanging upside down accentuate the fusion concept of the restaurant. A string of light, reminiscent of lightning, separates the bar from the dining area.

There is also an outdoor space on Avenue George V but, as usual in France, the smokers invade it.

Zombie, Swimming Ko, Momo’jito, Porn Star Martini … just to name a few of their cocktails. You can also order champagne, wine, and all kinds of traditional cocktails. The prices vary between €12 and €16.

What I like most at Miss Kō is ordering small plates to nibble on with my cocktail: sushi rolls, Sashizzas (mini pizzas with tuna), Gyoza dishes, spring rolls, and many more dishes to share, with an average price of around €13.

The main dishes are quite expensive, varying between €22 and €36. You definitely pay for the ambiance over the quality of the food, although I’ve never had a bad experience.

If you are having a difficult day, this place will for sure cheer you up. The atmosphere is stirring, light, and entertaining. Don’t be put off by the boggling décor or the snobbery of the crowd; once you’re in, the space is all yours. Late in the evening the music gets loud and lively.

Miss Kō for a drink, Miss Kō for dinner, or Miss Kō for a late outing, there is always a good reason to swing by and have a good time!

Miss Kō
51 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris
📞+33 01 53 67 84 60