A little recap for my gourmet followers!

Le 6 Paul Bert @ 6 rue Paul Bert!

19 Euros for a 3 course meal is really not much, but for an excellent 3 course meal with a pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful presentation, it’s an amazing bargain!

6 Paul Bert is in a very popular, young, and dynamic area of Paris. The 11th arrondissement is a varied and engaging area. In recent years this district has emerged as one of the trendiest regions of Paris. It’s very close to the Republique station and the canal St. Martin. On sunny days, you can see many young people eating and drinking all along the canal.

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Royal Indien!

This is our family restaurant in the 17th! You know each family needs a restaurant where they feel comfortable, welcome, and where they know they will eat well and know very well what they will be eating! The “Royal Indien” is this kind of restaurant. The owner is such a nice and pleasant person that you immediately feel comfortable. The food is tasty and the service excellent.


I wasn’t a fan of Indian food a few years ago. I think it was due to bad experiences in bad Indian restaurants. It’s my son D. who initiated us to this cuisine 8 years ago. It all started with a beautiful friendship with A. D and A were best friends in 8th grade in Tokyo. D spent a lot of time at A’s house where mama cooked wonderful Indian meals. D was always talking about her cooking and how excellent her dishes were.

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It was a family outing to celebrate my son’s birthday. My son T who’s birthday is today is quite the gourmet and is always expecting to be culinarily impressed, especially when it comes to his birthday. When he eats he likes to be surprised first and satisfied after. Each year since he turned 16, I try to find the right restaurant.

This year Pur’ was on my list. I chose this place instead of other restaurants that are maybe better-known because of their location or the name of their chef because the focus was on the food itself.

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Pur’ is located in the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. It’s of course an upscale restaurant where you expect everything to be perfect. From the moment you enter and you give your coat to the moment you leave and you take back your coat, every step is perfection… or at least very close.

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Bistrot du 1er

Luke le Heup, the owner of Bistrot du 1er, was very impressed by our capacity to take so many pictures of food in such a limited time! How can he not be? I was having lunch with a Japanese friend and a French friend living in Japan!

The truth is we were quite impressed by the quality of the food and the variety of the menu. The place is quite charming and the façade is authentic from 1820, made of wooden panels. If you see the picture in black and white you could easily believe it was taken in 1900 or before. The signs and the name of the restaurant are written as it was the Belle-époque.


Bistro du 1er, located in the 1st arrondissement near the Halles and le Châtelet, has a real Bistro flavor. The menu and the décor; the bar, the chairs, the red lights, the wooden floor, everything transports you to the atmosphere of a real bistro.

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I must say this restaurant is quite an experience. It has the atmosphere of a street food café but with outstanding cuisine!

The décor is, how can I say… missing! The only existing sign is the one from the previous establishment: City Café Sandwich. You need to be inside the restaurant to see on a bare wall four letters made of steel forming the word “abri”.

The façade is still under renovation. The inside is not much different. There are traces of plaster here and there, the concrete blocks are stripped in some places, and a door has been sealed off but is still visible. You wonder if more construction is scheduled or if the owner wants to make you think that the place will be finished one day…or never!
The tables are quite small and close to each other and the chairs are not very comfortable.

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I love La Dame de Pic! If I had to open a restaurant myself, I would probably want it just like this. A beautiful and elegant décor, very pleasant stuff, and exquisite cuisine!

I would call it Miss Glore (Do not confuse with Miss Dior)!

I took my husband to dinner on Valentine’s Day to this restaurant. We’ve been there many times. Every time we go, it’s a pleasure, one of my favorites in Paris. I discovered it three years ago, when it was newly opened. I read an article about it in a food magazine, Chefs & Saveurs; the review was very positive and the praise toward the owner and chef Anne-Sophie Pic was endless.

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Harry’s New York Bar!

Located at 5, rue Daunou 75002 or SANK ROO DOE NOO, Harry’s New York Bar, unlike its name would suggest, is one of the most famous bars in Paris. It is located in the 2nd arrondissement, very close to the Opéra Garnier. It is well known to be the birthplace of the famous Bloody Mary (1921), although to be fair there are multiple conflicting claims as to who really invented the Bloody Mary.

In 1911, former American star horse racing jockey Tod Sloan dismantled a bar in NY and shipped it to Paris. The bar was opened on November 26, 1911, and was run by Harry MacElhone, from Dundee, Scotland. In 1923 he bought the bar and called it Harry’s New York Bar. Several generations of MacElhone succeeded one another in this mythical place, and the current owner is Isabelle MacElhone.

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