It was a family outing to celebrate my son’s birthday. My son T who’s birthday is today is quite the gourmet and is always expecting to be culinarily impressed, especially when it comes to his birthday. When he eats he likes to be surprised first and satisfied after. Each year since he turned 16, I try to find the right restaurant.

This year Pur’ was on my list. I chose this place instead of other restaurants that are maybe better-known because of their location or the name of their chef because the focus was on the food itself.

Pur’ is located in the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. It’s of course an upscale restaurant where you expect everything to be perfect. From the moment you enter and you give your coat to the moment you leave and you take back your coat, every step is perfection… or at least very close.

The décor is very elegant and warm; the space is welcoming and muted. The kitchen is an open space where you can see all the cooks busily preparing the dishes. I felt the place was very comfortable and there was no razzle-dazzle despite the Michelin star. The service was excellent and not pretentious at all. It was a very cozy atmosphere.

Chef Jean-François Rouquette came to our table and he was very pleasant and cool. I told him I’m a blogger and he’s about to be famous! Just kidding, I go incognito of course! 😉

We went with the 6-course menu, Le temps qui passe… (The passing time…). You are free to choose from their menu but we like the idea of a gastronomic tasting menu.

Marinated scallops with eggplant tahini came after 2 amuse bouche. The lemon caviar brought a very delicate citrus taste.

The John Dory fish (St Pierre) with a cep mushroom broth and pickled onion was divine – very delicate.

We had a ravioli dish as the chef’s treat followed by venison noisette with a pear and cranberry clafoutis as the side dish; it was delicious and so pretty. The caramelized shallots brought a very refined taste to the dish.

The dish that followed was a peculiar cheese, the “Echourgnac,” served with some kind of jelly. It was beautifully presented but was a bit tasteless to me; maybe I like when the cheese has a stronger taste.

A pre-dessert was served with fruit and ice cream. It was very fresh and opened our appetite for more dessert.

Two desserts followed, one based on citrus and shortbread biscuit (sablé) called Blanc manger, beautifully presented, like a flower in the meadow. And the other was based on chocolate, Le lien. A mix of hot and ice cream, soft and crunchy, it was so very delicious!

The sommelier was very professional and pleasant. We started with a glass of champagne: a small vineyard; Eric Rodez. To accommodate the fish dishes we had a glass of Chablis; followed with a Bourgogne: Domaine Bruno Clair. Definitely an excellent choice!

T left Pur’ impressed and satisfied, and I left with the menu signed by the chef Jean-Francois Rouquette! A great experience overall.


Happy birthday T!

5 Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris
📞01 58 71 10 60