This is our family restaurant in the 17th! You know each family needs a restaurant where they feel comfortable, welcome, and where they know they will eat well and know very well what they will be eating! The “Royal Indien” is this kind of restaurant. The owner is such a nice and pleasant person that you immediately feel comfortable. The food is tasty and the service excellent.


I wasn’t a fan of Indian food a few years ago. I think it was due to bad experiences in bad Indian restaurants. It’s my son D. who initiated us to this cuisine 8 years ago. It all started with a beautiful friendship with A. D and A were best friends in 8th grade in Tokyo. D spent a lot of time at A’s house where mama cooked wonderful Indian meals. D was always talking about her cooking and how excellent her dishes were.


Since then we tried to find Indian restaurants to please my son. We all started to enjoy very much the cuisine.. And the cherry on the cake was a dinner at A’s parents’ house. The food was fantastic; it was the ultimate Indian Cuisine experience!

When we moved to Paris three years ago, we tried several Indian restaurants, but not one of them is worth mentioning. One day, however, I was looking on The Fork to find a restaurant nearby and the Royal Indien appeared. The décor is not what I would call fancy but it’s reasonable and cozy. A Buddha frame, a picture of Taj Mahall, and some other scenes of India decorate the walls. Not too much kitsch stuff and an aquarium with some fish that we saw grow with time.

As I said, the owner is very kind; he seated us at our table and we immediately felt comfortable. The menu is quite varied and can satisfy all kinds of eaters.


I really like their lamb tikka and the chicken tandoori. The vegetable samosa and the green sauce are always part of our dinner. I recommend the Bartha dish, eggplant caviar, and dal Makhni, lentil’s curry; two very good vegetarian dishes.

Butter chicken and Chicken Madras are always a success. They have all kinds of Nan; with cheese, vegetables, meat, but my favorite is the plain one. They are always warm and soft and so tasty when you dip them in sauce.


Lamb Vindaloo is my favorite. We are far from the very hot and spicy dish that you can eat in India but it’s spicy enough to make your taste buds react.

I love the way they present their meals in these individual copper bowls. They are very pretty and keep the meal hot.

They have a small wine list but it is well adapted to the food style and price range. We always had a very decent bottle to accompany the dishes.


The owner always brings a dessert with the check. It varies; sometimes it’s mango ice cream, sometimes it’s Indian sweets that I don’t know the name. It’s just a little bite to end the meal.

The “Royal Indien” is a perfect place to eat exotic food and yet feel like home.

Royal Indien
4 Rue de la Félicité, 75017 Paris
📞01 42 27 71 15