A perfect place for Shabu-shabu and sushi! You can choose an all-you-can-eat for ¥ 8000 ($65 or 60€) or an a-la-carte menu. Hassan is a 2-min walk from Roppongi station (Exit 1a or 3) and is located beneath a bookstore. My friend Kana found this restaurant and took me during my last trip to Japan.

In Tokyo, the location doesn’t make a restaurant better or busier. Any place a human being can open a restaurant, on any floor of a building a Tokioite will do it. So don’t be afraid if a restaurant is located in the basement, the 6th floor of a tiny building, in a lost street, or in a subway station. As a matter of fact, you could be in front of the best restaurant in Tokyo!


Hassan is on a big boulevard but the entrance is not very easy to find. At the left of the bookstore, there are stairs going to the basement. Follow them and you will go from a noisy and busy environment to a peaceful and quiet one. You have been catapulted into another world. The atmosphere is sophisticated, and the Japanese décor inside features wooden paneling with ambient, soft lighting. You will see chairs and a bench made of elegant wood and a coffee table with a place in the middle to keep the iron teapot warm. A very elegant lady in Kimono greets you with a smile and leads you to your private room. Private rooms are treats in Japan.

We were 5 ladies reunited for dinner, so having our own space where we could be loud and wild was actually very appropriate.

We all ordered the all-you-can-eat, which included tempura, sushi and shabu-shabu with meat and crab legs. OH! Just talking about this restaurant and the delicious meal we had makes me want to hop on a plane and have dinner there.


The quantity is unlimited and the quality excellent. There is a huge variety of sushi to choose from. The pieces are small but you can order the amount you want. It’s not very common in Japan to have a restaurant serving sushi with other meals.

Then you choose the vegetables you’d like for the tempura, with or without shrimp. They come in very cute baskets.

After that they bring the vegetables for the shabu-shabu in a bento with the meat laid on a dish. The waitress prepares the broth in a hot pot in the middle of the table and leaves.


At that point it’s time to start dipping the meat and the vegetables. I love shabu-shabu because it’s delicious and it’s a very friendly and convivial dish.


When you think you have finished and can’t eat anymore, they bring a plate of crab legs. It’s so good dipped in the broth that you just can’t resist eating it, and you wish you were an ogre to be able to finish all the dishes.

As for dessert, cute little macha paste and a bowl of rice pudding are served in a beautiful dish. The presentation is so nice that you’ll want to eat it.

A great choice of sake is served with your meal (not included in the price). I like mine to be cold and dry, but no matter your preference, Kyoto is very well known to have the best sake in the world!

I would like to thank my dear friend Valérie who took all these pictures like a pro!

Hassan was definitely a great experience!

Shabu-shabu & Sushi HASSAN!
B1F denki Bldg, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032