After my son’s ardent recommendations, I started watching Netflix’s Chef’s Table, the documentary show created by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi). He invites us in the kitchen of well-known chefs all over the world, and each episode is about their incredible path to success! The first one I watched was on Michel Troisgros, the three Michelin star chef, at his restaurant in Roanne-France, and since then I have to say I’m completely hooked!

Adeline Grattard – a one Michelin star chef – is among the few female chefs that shared their personal stories and experiences. She introduces us to her world, her anxiety, and her dreams. Since then, Yam’Tcha was on my bucket list. Not anymore!

With Adeline Grattard

A few weeks before my trip to Paris, I called the restaurant to make sure I had a reservation. It seems to be the tricky part. The restaurant offers a seven-course tasting menu for €135 that can be paired either with tea, a combination of wine and tea, or wine. I thought the pairing with tea was very interesting, especially knowing that Chi Wah Chan, Adeline’s husband, a Hong Kong-born tea master, is in charge. He travels to Hong Kong to bring the most exotic and refined teas. Yet I wasn’t ready to give up my wine for an entire dinner so I opted for the wine/tea combo, and the experience was amazing!

Yam’Tcha is a love affair between French and Chinese cuisines. Chef Grattard made her debut at the three Michelin star restaurant L’Astrance, and later pursued her career in Hong Kong. Her cuisine is unique and feminine; each dish, each bite is a journey for the palate. The flavors and ingredients blend impeccably in a Zen and elegant décor.

The raw wood of the tables and the countertops, the lanterns hanging from the high ceiling, the golden wall patina, and the little outdoor space calm the spirit and prepare you for an exquisite dinner!

Dinner starts with a cup of tea laid out on a Chinese wooden tray. At Yam’Tcha, tea is always served by Monsieur Chi.

This is followed by an amuse-bouche: Tuna tartar and black rice in a bowl and vegetable spring roll. A wonderful start that puts your expectations quite high! You will wish with all your heart that the following dishes will continue to impress you… and your wish will come true!

Chicken soup with spider crab meat. Apremont 2014 Domaine Blard.

Steamed Foie gras with shitake mushrooms, cockle and wild garlic. This dish was absolutely divine and so creative. Crozes Hermitage 2015 Gaylord Machon.

Caramelized Pollock with white asparagus and citrus sauce. White tea.

Simmenthal beef with arrach and fuyu persimmons spicy sauce. Coteaux du Languedoc 2011 Domaine de Montcalmes.

Bao stilton cheese and Amarena cherry. Green tea Misty cloud. This bao is the most surprising and tasty I ever had!

Banana and Rhum Neisson. Sorrel soup and almond syrup sorbet for dessert. Green tea with Pearl jasmine.

When I saw the episode of Chef’s Table dedicated to Adeline Grattard, I knew I had to try her restaurant. Yam’Tcha didn’t disappointed me! The food was excellent, the presentation was beautiful, the service was careful, and the overall was delight and simplicity.

The tea station with Chi Wah Chan

121 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
📞+33 01 40 26 08 07
Open Wednesday to Saturday
Tasting menu: Lunch €65 – Dinner €135