Have I already mentioned that I love NYC? Well I do, and what I love is this kind of place that you can only find in Manhattan.

Mà Pêche is part of the Momofuku group restaurant. Mà pêche, (Mother Peach), is a trendy, casual, noisy, friendly, and amazing place to be. This is Manhattan: Seth Meyers (former Saturday Night Live cast member and current host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers”) is dining behind us with friends, two tables away a multi millionaire is casually spending time with his family, and there’s us, celebrating my son’s graduation week! 😀


At Mà Pêche, guests can choose from the menu, which consists of small or large plates to share, and/or from a rotating selection of circulating plates, which creates an interactive dynamism in the restaurant.
Mà Pêche has a great selection of cocktails. I don’t remember what we ordered but it was excellent. I can just show you the picture!


From the menu we chose many dishes, as we were a party of eight.

Niman ranch sirlon tartare – sesame, yolk, and yuzu. This is a must if you go to Mà Pêche. The presentation is very cute with these little yolks and the seasoning is just perfect.


BBQ brisket bun – coleslaw, smoked mayonnaise, pickled jalapeño. This is also a must, so tasty and the presentation is quite unusual.


Habanero fried chicken with lime. Excellent and I loved the way they served it in a bucket; a stylish version of KFC!


Butter poached arctic char – spaetzle (soft egg noodles), crème fraîche, and trout roe. This was an amazing dish. Another must?


Heritage foods pork chop – hen of the woods mushrooms, kale, cannellini beans. At the risk of repeating myself, this dish is also excellent! The pork chops were very tender and the combination with kale and beans worked perfectly.


Sichuan pork flatbread – Chinese broccoli, tofu, and crispy shallots.


After eating this lavish dinner we debated about the dessert. Eventually we ordered the Crack pie – toasted oat crust, gooey butter filling. The restaurant doesn’t offer desserts, but they serve the products available from their store “Milk Bar” located at the entrance. Not my favorite and I prefer to keep in mind all the great savory dishes we had.


I definitely recommend Mà pêche for its very friendly ambiance, and don’t hesitate to try all kinds of different dishes, they are absolutely excellent!

Average small plates: $15 – Average large plates: $30

Mà pêche momofuku
16W. 56th street
New York, NY 10019
📞  212-757-5878