Guido de Luca is a surprising little Italian restaurant. Well established in the 17th, it has a simple but elegant decor with an unbelievable menu! The atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly. The owner, Romano De Luca, is a constant in the restaurant, taking good care of the clients, guiding them in their choices with professionalism, and always ready with an anecdote or a little story.

It’s certainly not a cheap restaurant but the quality and the originality of the menu is just outstanding. Not to mention the wine pairing, which is amazing.


Last week I went with my girlfriends. We started with the homemade foie gras with hazelnuts and sea bass carpaccio to share and a glass of champagne not to be shared! The dinner was starting very well!

I always order the pasta dishes at this restaurant. I am sure the meat and fish dishes are very good as well, but the pasta is so well prepared and cooked to perfection that it is too appealing to me!
Two of us ordered the tagliolini al tartufo nero tuber melanosporum, tagliolini with black tuber melanosporum truffles, a dish served only in the fall and winter, during the black truffle season. The fresh truffle is generously provided and the sauce is broth based.


Black tuber melanosporum is a species of truffle native to Southern Europe. It can be found in France, Spain, and Italy. It is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world, costing from about 1,000 to 2,000 euros per kilogram.


One of my friends had the tricoli con ricci di mare profumato al limone, trocoli with sea urchin flavored with lemon. It is a very refined dish; and Guido de Luca serves it with the right proportion of sea urchin and lemon.

The last one ordered the tortellone farcito ai porcini e tartufo; tortelloni stuffed with cep mushrooms and black truffles. Served with fresh black truffles shavings and cream based sauce, it is a very delicious dish.


The restaurant server chose a Brolio: Chianti Classico Riserva 2011 to pair with our meal and it was heavenly! Too bad we had to share it amongst the four of us.


For dessert, I had the rum baba because I love this dessert. One of my friends had the Tiramisu and another had the café gourmand, which included a panna cotta, a tiramisu, and a crème brûlée.


But the prize for best dessert goes, without any doubt, to the crème brûlée with fresh black tuber melanosporum truffles shavings. It sounds a little strange at first, but mama mia, it was exquisite, it was divine!

The truffle season will end very soon. So hurry up to try Guido de Luca; a restaurant you absolutely must discover!